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You must open this email on a computer. (You cannot download zip folder files from your phone)

Download the zip file and unzip the folder. Then immediately save these files so they are backed up. (google drive, dropbox, or external hard drive)

Open the zip folder and you will notice there are 7 filters included in the folder. Highlight the .DNG (RAW presets/image files) and send them to your phone. You can email these or airdrop them just like you would with any other photo you share from your computer to your phone!

On your phone, the images will appear as blank or grey photos until opened in Lightroom CC on your phone. Once you open Lightroom CC on your phone add the photos to the app and save them individually as presets by clicking the 3 dots in the top right. Go through each file and save them as a preset by clicking "create preset" once you clicked the 3 dots. It helps to make a folder of all these presets to stay organized. If this is confusing there are many youtube videos out there to help you out! Hopefully soon I will have a tutorial video for you.

These presets work best when applied to photos taken on your phone that are well lit and high quality. Most photos will need a little adjusting with exposure, white balance, and individual colors. (Video tutorial to come soon! For now search youtube for ways to add presets and edit on Lightroom CC for your phone)

BASIC presets are full of contrast and color and are best on everyday photos. Minor adjustments needed for various lighting.

INDOOR presets are less saturated + film like and are best on photos taken INDOORS

**Please note skin tones vary SO MUCH and if you go to the individual color panel you can adjust how light or dark AND how saturated certain colors are. For skin, yellow and orange adjustments can affect the skin a lot so if you aren't happy with how your skin looks in certain photos try this trick!

PLEASE download your purchase onto a computer NOW and immediately back up your new presets! You can do this through iCloud, Dropbox, Google, or an external hard drive. This will keep your new beloved #laurenjaymespresets safe from harm!